Why I hate Tesco Express

Lots of people have beefs with Tesco, despising its aggressive expansion tactics, or the way it uses market muscle to squeeze suppliers. Me, I hate its dual-signage policy. The company has one sign in tasteful muted black for areas it considers posh, such as Marylebone, whereas those parts of town it deems crappy are lumped with a red, white and blue job that makes your eyes bleed. Not that I’m bitter or anything (my local branch having been designated too povvo for a black sign), but is this not signage apartheid? Shouldn’t we be taking to the streets?

Tasteful, unobtrusive sign:

Garish, street-spoiling sign:


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One response to “Why I hate Tesco Express

  1. Express Manager

    Talk to the planners … the upmarket blue sign is the current design but many planning committees refuse permission for signage changes and so the old style blue/white/red alternative is used. It’s not only you who hates Express – it’s your councillors too, but are they working in your best interests. Experience tells me anti-Tesco objectors are usually first in the queue at their local Express to get a paper, or on a Sunday evening, or on Bank Holidays The only way to stop it is not to shop there.

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