The joy of fungus

This is pretty disgusting, but for the past couple of weeks I’ve had the most raging case of athlete’s foot (yes, I know – overshare). I blamed the husband, since he’s susceptible to it whereas my sweet toes have always been fungus-free. Admittedly we’ve shared a flat for 12 years without him passing on any infection, but why let a boring thing like rationale get in the way when apportioning blame?

Then, after a eureka moment, I discovered the culprits:

My Fitflop Mukluks

Yes, I know they’re disgusting. And I don’t believe those bullshit toning claims, either. But, my God, are they comfortable. It’s like sinking your feet into a marshmallow duvet. I haven’t taken them off all winter, even indoors, when they can get a bit sweaty. And that’s when I had the eureka moment…


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