Why oh why… am I so addicted to the Daily Mail Online?

It shames me to my bones to admit it, but when I type ‘www’ into my Safari address bar, it automatically brings up ‘dailymail.co.uk’. Which means I’m visiting the site waaaaay too often. It’s a reflex thing, something I do without thinking in idle moments – the online equivalent of staring into space wondering what to have for tea.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one. In fact I know I’m not, because the Daily Mail Online is the world’s second-biggest English-language newspaper site. The New York Times is Number One, but still, that’s a depressing statistic. So clearly I’m not alone. Along with the usual Daily Mail readers, there must be hordes of liberal, right-thinking women who feel compelled to seek out pictures of Sarah Jessica-Parker’s gnarly hands and Elle Macpherson’s chicken elbows, and who secretly enjoy its rabid, unprovoked attacks on celebrities. Today’s victim was Kate Moss for daring to grow older and have fun.

This morning my friends were frothing on Facebook about how awful and misogynistic this particular piece was. They all still read it though. In any case, the paper’s twisted worldview is well documented. People have even written songs about it:

You can see why they get up in arms: it is the worst kind of misogyny, women pillorying other women for daring to be less than flawless. I guess its a symptom of our own self-hatred that we have to see other women looking chubby in a bikini to feel better about ourselves. There’s something rather tragic about it. And also massively compelling.

The Daily Mail Online is YouPorn for women – we’d never read it in public and we know that, long-term, it’s probably damaging to the soul. But in the privacy of our own homes where no one’s going to know, the only obstacle is our own shame. And we overcome that by telling ourselves that it’s not illegal and if you’re not paying for it, it doesn’t count…



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5 responses to “Why oh why… am I so addicted to the Daily Mail Online?

  1. SarkaZod India

    I need help too, I have never been to the UK, heck, I never stepped out of Asia but still I am addicted to the Daily Mail.

    There is absolutely no news related to India and I don’t half the characters that are in it but still I am addicted to the Daily Mail.

  2. kate hasson

    I too am addicted to this website. My sister got me hooked on it and now I think I never have to buy a ‘heat’ magazine again. I must confess to hardly ever reading the ‘proper’ news bits, but I do love my daily doses of who’s fatter/thinner/balder/pregnant/having an affair.

  3. Mortified yet happy not to be alone

    Hi, I came across this article looking for a Daily Mail hater, yet madly addicted to the Online edition support group. I am frothing at the mouth knowing that I am not alone. I hate myself for this yet cannot stop. I have started to red arrow comments now… a step too far I think and have gone from a passive reader to interacting…. when will it end. I hope they make it a paid for site soon so I can be wheaned off

  4. Tomorrow I'll give up the Daily Mail

    I’m seriously harboring some feelings of guilt for being as hooked to that junk website as I am. I leave nice comments and then I leave mean ones and within seconds of seeing my writing posted I feel terrible and can’t take it down. I never used to leave comments of any kind on any website whatsoever. Why am I hooked to the Daily Mail and why does it bring out the worst in me?

    –Hopeless in California.

    • Tomorrow I'll give up the Daily Mail

      P.S. Just finished watching the Dan and Dan video and now I don’t feel quite as guilty. Still quitting cold turkey tomorrow, however. 🙂

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