The seven signs of ageing

Forget nascent crow’s feet, I realised I was the wrong side of 35 when this morning I found myself merrily singing along to Dido’s ‘Thank You’ in the car, thinking, ‘This is actually a really nice song, I don’t know why I was always so down on her,’ the other giveaway being that the radio was tuned to Magic FM.

Mostly I listen to Radio 4, honest, but sometimes, when I’m driving alone, I like to channel my inner minicab driver by turning the heating up high and playing Magic FM at full volume.

I also know I’m old because I can’t bear this haircut:

I don’t get the fuss about Lady Gaga and the TV celebrity I’d most like to meet is Justin Fletcher from Gigglebiz.

He’s better than he looks in this picture.

I don’t know if that’s seven, but it feels like enough. Somebody pass the Advanced Night Repair.


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