Interesting piece in the Observer about Pete Doherty’s sleazy life:

Makes you wonder what Kate Moss is like that she could hang around him for so long. My favourite Kate Moss story:

I was at Shoreditch House a couple of years ago and Kate Moss and her friends were at the next table. My friend went outside for a cigarette and found himself sitting next to Kate, staring at a view that looked something like this:

She asked him for a light and said, ‘What’s that building, then?’

‘What,’ he said, ‘you mean the Gherkin?’

She looked at him askance. ‘What’s it called?’

‘The Gherkin?’

‘Who calls it that, then?’

‘Umm… the people?’

‘I’ll tell you who calls it that,’ she said. ‘Fucking government calls it that.’

I guess this is why she doesn’t do interviews.


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