Food that should be disgusting but isn’t

This weekend I went to a kids’ party where the adults were served, among other things, a watermelon, feta, mint and black olive salad. It sounds odd but was actually delicious, the kind of thing that shouts summer.

I just Googled it and found a million variations on the recipe, so clearly this is something the world has been enjoying without me. What I like about it is that there is no actual cooking involved, merely the assembling of four ingredients. This makes it as easy as a lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad, the difference being that if you serve this people will think you are a clever and imaginative hostess, rather than lazy and cheapskate.

But if, like me, you’re so insecure in the kitchen you need a recipe for porridge – although seriously, if you do, this one is great – I will point you in the direction of Diana Henry’s recipe, because she is brilliant and her book Cook Simple: Effortless Cooking Every Day would be my bible, were I a dedicated enough cook to have such a thing.

The real reason watermelon salad feels like a treat is that people don’t actually buy watermelon very often. This is because they see it in the supermarket marked £2 or whatever and think, ‘Ooh, that’s not a bad deal,’ forgetting that the marked price is per kilo and that the melon in fact weighs the same as a small child. You only need to get caught by that little sting once before you start sticking to oranges.


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