J Crew is launching a UK website at the end of the month. For those who don’t know, J Crew is another of those slightly bland/preppy US brands. Think Gap for an older crowd, or a less-officey Banana Republic.

Why, Alex, that sounds amazing.

Hmmm. OK, it isn’t cool or edgy, or even particularly interesting. But it is the perfect place to go if you need a navy jumper, or a bikini that treads the middle ground between two scraps of snakeskin and frump-tastic floral. In other words, it’s what Marks & Spencer should be, but isn’t.

Michelle Obama is famously a fan, although admittedly that isn’t much of a sell either. Like Kate Middleton, she’s one of those women on the world stage who only became a style icon by default, because all the other style icons got sick and dropped out of the competition. Or rather, in their case, because the only other contestant was Carla Bruni, who, yeah, looks stunning, but also like a right bitch (and who cheated by being an international supermodel first). And who else is there? Angela Merkel?

OK, there’s that one from Estonia who would be really pretty if it wasn’t for the weird plaits:


And Hilary killed it with the clip:

© Reuters

Sam Cam’s scored some points in the fashion stakes (always handy having a sister at Vogue), though you sense she’s no natural. But I think Louise Mensch has potential, if she didn’t look like such a bossypants.

I’ve veered right off the subject of J Crew, haven’t I? Anyway, it’s more expensive than your bog-standard High Street but the quality is good and they have terrific sales, and Crewcuts, the kids’ range, is great. Check it out.



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3 responses to “Yay!

  1. livingitlittle

    Thank you for the J Crew info. Will have a look. You are so right about Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton (and the rest) – I’ve never understood why they’re touted as style icons. Bizarre.

  2. Katie Reynolds

    Hi Alex, love your blog (M-Paz tipped me off about it). Thanks to this post I just spunked £400 on cashmere cardigans, so if you could take the blame for it, my conscience would appreciate that v much. 🙂
    BTW It was £300 for the actual cardigans, the other £100 on import duties, shipping and taxes – buyers beware!
    Katie x

    • Ouch! I feel your pain – I’ve been fleeced more than once on shipping and taxes. On the plus side, their cashmere is gorgeous and I’m hankering after it myself, big-style. xx

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