I Don’t Know How She Does It…

I’ve mixed feelings about SJP’s latest vehicle, I Don’t Know How She Does It. Part of me knows it will be another lame rom-com, full of unfunny lines and fake-snow scenes. The other part of me is desperately flattered that here is a huge-budget, hyper-marketed Hollywood movie and it’s aimed at me!

Lacking a whiz financial job, I don’t live a Kate Reddy life, of course. But that doesn’t matter. With stories like this, the audience tends to clutch to the features they identify with and ignore any dissimilarities. Hence all those women who thought, I’m single! I like wine! I’m Bridget Jones!! overlooking her £500k flat in London Bridge, Notting Hill lifestyle, etc.

I tell you what I do like though, and that’s the pyjamas SJP’s character’s son is wearing in one of the publicity stills. Annoyingly, I can’t find it on Google Images, but they look to me like Hatley, which is one of the few brands that bothers making cute boys’ clothes. They’re a variation on this pair, which are £19.80 on Amazon:

Hatley also makes extremely cute wellies and raincoats. Emilio has this one (£27.50, Amazon), which he gets LOADS of wear out of:


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One response to “I Don’t Know How She Does It…

  1. Random thoughts: I hated Bridget Jones. When I read the book I wanted to shout “pull yourself together girl”. It made me mad when I read that women everywhere identified with her. She was an airhead.

    When my son was little it sometimes made me mad that there were so few cute clothes for boys. Other days it cheered me up – I saved a lot of money because there wasn’t much to tempt me. The raincoat you’ve shown is great – I would certainly have bought that.

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