The benefits of bb creams

One of the perks about working on magazines was the truckloads of beauty products that would arrive each day. These were piled in a cupboard until it reached bursting point, when they’d be sold off for a pound apiece in aid of charity.

When you’ve paid £1 for something, you don’t show it the same reverence you would if you’d spent eighty times that. You can slather it on like Baby Oil and get a truer picture of whether it really works, rather than simply willing it to because you forked out all that cash.

This was how I found out that Crème de la Mer gives me spots, and that posh moisturisers don’t do very much. But you knew that anyway. After all, if they did, no one would have facelifts, would they?

I know this, and yet still I’m a sucker for a marketing campaign. Like the kid waiting at the window for the dad who never shows, I hope that this time, this time, it will be different. Which is how I found myself buying Garnier’s BB Miracle Skin Perfector cream.

BB (or blemish balm) creams are the latest wheeze innovation from the big beauty brands. I’ve read two articles about them and am still no wiser as to what they actually do, but the companies make vague claims about flawless finishes and ‘all-in-one’ qualities. You can buy pricey versions from Dior, Estee Lauder, MAC and Clinique, or the Garnier cream, which is about eight quid from Boots.

And you know what? It works. ‘Miracle’ is overstating it, obviously. That’s annoying bullshit, just as it’s annoying bullshit when supermodels claim their good looks are the result of ‘drinking loads of water’. But after using it my skin definitely looked better – shinier (in a good way), dewier, less knackered. Which isn’t a bad return on eight quid, I think.


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One response to “The benefits of bb creams

  1. I’m always looking for miracle creams to make my skin look less like the skin of a mother. This will be next on my list!
    I used to work for a magazine and my husband is a promoter. As a consequence get very annoyed if I’m expected to pay to get into a nightclub/gig/festival. 😉

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