Moving to the country?

So we made a lowball offer on the Sussex place, which has been accepted. You’d think this would be cause for celebration, but I’m now fretting about whether or not this is a terrible idea and I’m going to spend my life weeping into the laundry with only a two-year-old and the Archers for company.

The advantages are: it’s a proper, grown-up house, double-fronted and everything, with a massive garden and enough bedrooms that Misha and I can have an office, and we can invite friends (plural!) to come and stay for the weekend. Having spent about six months studying Rightmove, I know we’d never get anything like that in London for the price.

Emilio would have masses of room to play and do all the baking/art-type activities I currently pretend don’t exist because they’re too messy. And if we did stay down there, I could send him to the local school and know he’d get an education. No 13-grand-a-year fees, no renting an overpriced shoebox next door to the school, no pretending to find Jesus. Just sending him to the nearest school, like normal people.

BUT with the exception of my Mum, who is admittedly a draw, I don’t really know anyone in Sussex. And I don’t know if I can face hauling my arse around playgroups trying to latch onto other mothers. It all sounds a bit bleak, like the rural landscape in winter. And although the countryside boasts lots to do with kids on sunny days (petting zoos, steam railways, that kind of thing), I’m not sure what you do with them when it rains, when you don’t know anybody.

I don’t know *sigh*. I should probably mention that we’d be renting this place, not buying, and only for six months at that (the short lease is the reason it’s so cheap). Which makes it not so much moving to the country as taking a sabbatical there. An extended holiday, really. But just thinking about it makes me miss the Tube and Topshop and Ottolenghi and other people and…



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3 responses to “Moving to the country?

  1. I moved out to the country at 38 weeks pregnant and I missed London SO MUCH. It took me a good 9 months to get over how much I missed it. I missed my friends, my job, restaurants, coffee places, culture. But now we’ve settled into countryside life (in Buckinghamshire) I really don’t miss it at all. We have just signed for a 4 bedroom house in a village that costs the same as our three-roomed place did in Shoreditch and although it took a bit of getting used to our quality of life has never been better. We do spend WAY too much time with my parents but I’m slowly starting to make friends (plus my mum babysits twice a week which is just priceless). We’re only half an hour away from civilized London by train and I make the journey once a fortnight or so and we always have lots of city weekend visitors!

    I’m still not 100% sure what to do when it rains but so far IKEA and CBeebies have been working well for us x

  2. Before having kids the idea of motherhood freaked me out. Eventually, all the intellectual debate on the subject wore thin and I decided “to give it a go just to see what happens..”. A friend told me “you’ll still be you when you have kids…”, which I found ridiculously reassuring, and I think the same holds true here with your move. It will be what you make of it and I have a feeling you’ll make it amazing… Struggling with the same debate in our household, I’m going to watch and learn. x

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