An Edwardian clothes pulley

We’re letting (rather than selling) the flat, so the past few days have been taken up with viewings. These are no fun, because a) keeping the flat immaculate is such a ball-ache, and b) the process basically involves inviting in a bunch of strangers to judge your belongings. As the world’s worst saleswoman, I tend to follow them round the flat, apologising for everything and pointing out flaws they might otherwise not have noticed.

One recent purchase people do seem to like, however, is the Edwardian clothes airer we fitted in the bathroom. I’m pretty pleased with this too, and would recommend one to any of you who live in flats where space is limited and Nazi management companies don’t let you hang laundry outside. Fitting it was a shag*, but I like that I’m not falling over the old fold-gate clothes airer any more.

You can buy one here for £39.99.

*I should mention here that I played no part whatsoever in fitting it. I went out for the day and returned to find it done, but I hear that fitting it was a shag.

** These are really terrible photos I’m supplying, aren’t they? Sorry. Must sort out a proper camera.


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  1. Anonymous

    Brilliant idea, thanks. We bought a Brabantia five-line retractable thing for the bathroom but then could never bear to fit it and ruin two walls. The ceiling, however…

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