Remember when the sales happened in January?

So Europe’s in recession and will likely take the global economy with it. Here in the UK, unemployment is trundling towards 10 per cent. On the plus side, lots of shops are holding pre-Christmas sales. Every cloud and all that.

I thought I’d heroically do my bit for the nation’s prospects and buy a proper, grown-up handbag. It’s a leather Raoul number from Matches and cost £129 (with a 30 per cent discount). Which isn’t bad, no? Not for Matches. Topshop has bags the same price.

Or, as modelled by a model:

The Matches sale runs until (I think) December 8. You can also find 20 per cent off at Whistles and All Saints, while Debenhams is doing 30 per cent off coats, hats, scarves and gloves (that’s Grandma’s present sorted.) And before you hit the high street, check out My Voucher Codes for discounts at Gap, the White Company, Radley, Boden, Sweaty Betty and many more.

There. Don’t say I never tell you anything useful.



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2 responses to “Remember when the sales happened in January?

  1. Sales in January? You’ve got to be kidding! Here in New Zealand, some of the stores have “Sale” signs that have cobwebs on them, the signs have been up so long.

    Which is good, if you want to buy anything, but not so good for the economy.

    Except, of course, that it’s all made in China anyway, so I’m not sure whose jobs are really on the line if the stuff doesn’t sell.

    Beautiful bag, by the way – enjoy it 🙂

    • You’re not wrong – Gap and Whistles are just two chains that have been running quiet sales all year. Their obvious desperation generally makes me too nervous to buy anything, which perpetuates the whole sorry circle. And thank you, about the bag.

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