Who are you?

Hi. My name’s Alex and I’m a copywriter and journalist. I live with my husband, two-year-old son and a rescue mutt called Wilkie. We were in Shoreditch for 14 years (in a one-bed flat, hence the name of the blog), but recently moved out to the Sussex countryside.

Why are you doing this?

I started this blog for the same reason 50 million other mothers have started them: because I couldn’t go out drinking any more and you can only watch so many box sets. Also, I was spending a lot of time wandering about East London with a dog and baby and thought it might be interesting to record some of the changes taking place in the area. I’m keeping it up because I’ve moved to the country, where you need a hobby or you’ll die of boredom in about 25 minutes. This is my hobby. I’ve also taken up tennis.

If you like Shoreditch so much, why have you left?

Gentrification is a funny old thing. There you are, smugly embracing your new coffee shops and lifestyle boutiques when suddenly you find that the flat you once paid £50 a week for now costs 800 grand. We clung on as long as we could, but the City boys have – sob! – forced us out. Go on, try to care.

Also, it’s not that family friendly and, boringly, you do find that once you have kids, your taste for standing outside gritty ‘art’ bars subsides and what you really want is a garden, other families and accessible parking.

Oh, you mean suburbia!

Hush your mouth. Actually, we’ve decided to cut out the middleman and head straight to a village. Having never lived in the countryside before, this Good Life thing is a bit of an experiment. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll move back to East London (a further-flung, less desirable part of).

I can’t see any recipes, celebrity gossip or photographs of you posing in your most fashionable clothes. What’s the point of this blog?

I’m afraid it’s more an “outlet” for me. Which – that’s right! – means it’s a dog’s mess smorgasbord of my concerns. So it might feature a restaurant I’ve eaten in, a place I’ve been to or how I’m feeling about something on a given day.

Why should I give a shit about your thoughts/opinions/tedious life?

Good question. To be honest, I don’t expect you to. But the nice thing about blogs is that they’re pretty easy to avoid. If you’re not interested, go and kill time on Twitter or the Daily Mail Online like everybody else.   

Is this your first blog?

No, since you ask. I wrote one in 2005 when blogs were still nerdy and weird and largely ignored by everybody. Then I read an article by some woman complaining that people’s inane, self-indulgent blogs were ‘clogging up the internet’. I got paranoid that mine was doing just that and deleted it. Six years later I come back and find that people are finding fame, fortune, fabulousness, etc, from blogging. Tits.


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