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Ogilvy on Advertising

I’m reading David Ogilvy’s book about advertising. Published in 1983, it’s about as current as Beowulf, but interesting if only as a reminder of how many tits used to appear on billboards. In France and Germany, they were everywhere (and maybe still are? I’m not sure.) Being an advertising creative must have been so easy in those days. Trying to flog a moisturiser? Let’s see… How about a picture of a pretty lady with no top on? Want to sell more deodorant? Let’s see…

This one’s my personal favourite. The strapline translates as, ‘On 2 September, I will take off the top.’

The second reads, ‘On 4 September I’ll take off the bottom.’

And as the third says, she keeps her promises. I’ve no idea what it’s selling.



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Bad marketing ideas

This morning I strolled around the block and came face to face with this:

Interesting, I thought, Peroni has built a cheap, plastic pop-up cinema. How lovely. Strange they’ve chosen the ugliest, most traffic-riddled junction in London on which to do it, but hey ho.

Cinema Peroni though – that sounds a bit like Cinema Paradiso. They must be showing some really interesting films. Oh no, they’re showing one film on a loop, which appears to be an advert for Peroni.

Now I know the advertising world is struggling to adapt to the changing media landscape and marketers are having to think of increasingly inventive ways to make us buy stuff, but really, whose crap idea was this?

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