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When It girls go to seed

Alexandra Aitken, daughter of Disgraced Tory MP Jonathan (© all newspapers) has been in the papers a lot recently for doing something former It girls aren’t supposed to – marrying a Sikh man with a beard. I don’t know which must have been more shocking to her social set – that, or the fact that she did it without even wearing any makeup.

The papers mentioned that she had been a) living in Los Angeles, and b) doing a lot of yoga, and at once I knew she’d been hanging out at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood. I know this because I used to go there too.

Golden Bridge is hilarious. If you ever make it to LA and want a genuine La La Land experience, you must go. The woman who runs it clearly took a shedful of drugs in the 60s and has since ditched her boring old American name and clothes in favour of flowing white robes and the moniker Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Her staff wear turbans to protect their solar centres and talk a lot about ‘speaking their truth’. In fact, it isn’t called anything as prosaic as a yoga studio; it’s a ‘spiritual village’.

You might think this would appeal only to the most insufferable of hippies, but it’s chock-full of models, actresses and Hollywood housewives. Which means the people-watching is something else. Most of them (like me) go because it has a nice vegan cafe and they read that Cindy Crawford did her prenatal yoga here. Others, like Alexandra Aitken, are seduced by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and end up frequenting workshops called things like, ‘Clearing Through Unification: The Art of Muscle Testing with Dr Santokh Khalsa.’ Rather them than me.

It’s funny, a lot of former It-girls seem to wind up in LA doing things you wouldn’t necessarily expect. I saw Emma Parker-Bowles (Camilla’s niece) working in a dog groomers in Los Feliz. And remember Emma Ridley? The one who used to fall out of 80s clubs with Amanda de Cadenet? Apparently she’s now a born-again Christian, living on a ranch north of LA.

Check out Gurmukh and her crazy weekly message here.


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