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Latest opening: Shoreditch Grind

Well, this is an improvement on the crappy phone shop that was here before. And a clever use of what’s essentially a weird cylindrical building on a grotty roundabout. I’m also taking it as further proof that Shoreditch does the best coffee in London.

If the nickname is deserved and this area is silicone roundabout, packed with technology start-ups, then it’s the perfect location for a venture like this, saving all those hipsters the trouble of schlepping into Shoreditch proper. It also provides something nice to look at in a spot that frankly needs it. I can’t tell you how many bewildered tourists I encounter round here asking, ‘Where’s Shoreditch?’ who, having been promised a hub of arty groovy hipness, are surprised to find themselves on a dirty main road home to Peacocks, Argos and a Shell garage.


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Shoreditch – the best coffee in London?

According to Time Out, this men’s boutique in Shoreditch High Street serves the best coffee in London.

It certainly has the nicest machine:

But my friend Nicole reckons that Taylor St Baristas, tucked away in a car park next to Vice magazine’s offices, serves a better brew.

The Observer disagrees with them both. It reckons you’ll find the best cup at Jeanette Winterson’s shop Verde:

It certainly wins the prize for Most Beautiful Shopfront, even if everything in there does cost a billion pounds. And yes, technically it’s in Spitalfields, not Shoreditch. But surely this all points to the fact that London’s best coffee can be found in the East End?


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