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Suckered again

One of the nice things about blogs – fashion and interiors blogs in particular – is that you can shamelessly crib their ideas. Copy a celebrity and everyone will see you for the unimaginative wannabe you are. Copy a friend and they will think you at best insecure, at worst slightly psycho. But ripping off some random who lives 3,000 miles away? Meh, who cares?

Which is a long way of justifying the fact that I’ve just knocked off this girl‘s new tote, from a sweet site called Fieldguided. Because who can resist a Kate Bush lyric in handbag form? Not me.

I’ve got to stop buying these flimsy totes though. I have a ton of them already and know they’re a waste of money. Bag for life? Pah. Bag for three weeks until they become irredeemably filthy and fall apart, more like. I also have this one from Goodhood, which I like but am a bit embarrassed to carry. Let’s just say it was more useful in Shoreditch than Sussex.

Insubstantial though they are, these bags do have the advantage of being cheap (cheap for handbags, that is – not cheap for what they are, which is two crappy bits of fabric stitched together) and handbags these days have become so mentally expensive, I can’t bring myself to shell out for a real one.

Sadly a fabric tote is no substitute for a real leather bag, with a lining and compartments, as anyone who’s spent 15 minutes rummaging for their keys in one will know. They’re also a pickpocket magnet. And never put anything in there you’d be embarrassed to see strewn across the floor of a pub. Thinking about it, I don’t even know why I even bought the damn thing. Bloody fashion bloggers.


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Because spring’s not all about flowers

No, it’s not very pretty, is it? Maybe the mirror isn’t doing it justice. Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

So anyway. A couple of weeks ago I came across a still from the Larry Clark movie Kids, in which one of the characters wears a T-shirt very similar to this one. Recognising it as a reference to the classic Mudhoney song, I wanted it immediately, but figured that, since Kids was made in 1991 and the character in question was male, my chances of finding one like it were low. But then, the very next day, I went into Goodhood, just off Hoxton Square, where I found these sunglasses, and guess what? Yes! They had the exact T-shirt. Is that not fucking weird?

I thought so. So weird, I thought, I’d better buy it. It’s by Sophomore, which is another one of those overpriced cult American T-shirt brands, like LnA or Splendid. I’ve since suffered a slight panic that wearing T-shirts referencing bands from one’s youth is very ageing, and that me in this is not so far away from those beardy old rockers who still wear their Thin Lizzy T-shirts, but fuck it.

If you’d prefer something less grunge and more cheerful, I like this one by Wood Wood, also available at Goodhood.

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New sunglasses

They’re by RetroSuperFuture, a brand I’d never heard of two weeks ago but am suddenly seeing everywhere. They were £110 from Goodhood, which while not cheap, isn’t nutso expensive for designer sunglasses. Victoria Beckham wants 495 quid for hers.

I also love their collaboration with Liberty:

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