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Tokyo Bike

So I already own an expensive bike I never use:

Say hello to the Pashley Princess, a product bought largely by urban women who picture themselves in Supergas and some kind of floral tea dress, cruising down country lanes, a baguette and perhaps a small dog propped jauntily in the basket. What they don’t realise about this bike is that it is in fact fucking heavy and if they so much as approach a hill, they will be sweating like Pavarotti on a stairmaster. If there is any kind of stair in your flat/house, forget it.

So bye-bye, Pashley Princess, you are last week’s cycle crush. This week’s is…

Tokyo Bike!

Simplicity at its prettiest, if you ask me. It comes in a range of colours to make Farrow & Ball weep and, because the brand is fairly unknown, lacks the smug, nick-me aura of the Pashley. Although it will be stolen in about ten seconds, because it’s lovely.

I only came across these the other day at Tokyo Bike’s pop-up shop in Rivington Street. I’m sick of pop-up shops. They get your hopes up, kidding you that your area is getting interesting and then bugger off, leaving nowt but a desolate shop front. And now there’s a whole pop-up mall coming…


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Curious buildings

Yesterday I walked past this building in Rivington Street:

I love it when people play around with buildings. Like San Francisco’s House of Falling Furniture:

Or Oxford’s shark house:

Or, better still, Dali’s old house in Figueres, complete with giant faux-bread rolls and eggs.

I wonder why people aren’t generally more creative with buildings. Apart from, y’know, budget and planning restrictions. But it would make the world a livelier place, would it not? Better than all those bloody boring red-brick developments.

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