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Mother-son matching shoes part II

Look! We both have Toms! The same as we both have Converse!

My friend Penny says that I can just about get away with this because I have a son, but if I was running around in the same clothes as a daughter I would be PsychoMom.

As ever, it’s a fine line between sexy and sexist.


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Rupert Sanderson factory sale

This was the queue for the Rupert Sanderson factory sale at the Music Rooms near Bond Street today:

Or rather, that was half of the queue – I only thought to take the pic once I’d been there 20 minutes. It was carnage. But some excellent deals to be had, as prices started at £40 (those were for pretty ropey old styles though). I spent £110 which, when you consider that these things retail at upwards of £385, explains the queues…

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Pregnancy man-feet

Article in yesterday’s Guardian pegged to the news that Denise Van Outen’s feet grew a size during pregnancy. Cue lots of experts sniffing that this can’t possibly be the case and ‘women tend to see themselves differently after they’ve had a baby.’

Bastards. I believe her. My feet did the same thing, which is a pisser because they weren’t exactly dainty to start with. And replacing your shoe collection isn’t something you budget for when planning a baby.

I cheered myself up by buying these:

Yes, they are nice, aren’t they? Thank you. Except they’re a size 41, which is the largest Kurt Geiger makes, and they’re still a bit small.

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